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Thailand Weather and Radar Satellite Image.

Below is the up to date data of Thailand Weather and Radar Satellite image, as well as the forecast for Thailand.

Thailand’s weather can be unpredictable as it is in the tropics, which means a torrential downpour can hit you without notice.

Most times it rains heavy for 15 minutes and then the sun is out and it is back to the high temperatures that Thailand is famous for.

Sometimes the rain sets in and it rains constantly for days.

Unfortunately there is not much you can do in these days but we have put together a list of things to do on a rainy day.


Thailand Weather Satellite


Thailand Regions

Thailand has 6 different regions in Thailand.

The weather in Thailand can range from cold in the mountains in the north, to very hot to the regions closer to the equator.

Northern Thailand
Northeastern Thailand
Central Thailand
Eastern Thailand
Western Thailand
Southern Thailand

You can change the information below to the area that you are staying in.

That way you get a more accurate weather forecast for where you are staying.

You can also zoom in and out on the live Thailand weather radar satellite, which will show you what rain is approaching.

Just click on the satellite image below and it will open to the live Thailand Weather Satellite and Radar image.

Weather Satellite


Thailand Weather Seasons

Thailand has 3 different types of weather seasons which is different to the normal summer, autumn, winter and spring.

Even though Thailand is hot and humid during the year, it can still be very warm and hot in the rainy season and rainy in the other seasons.

Thailand is just like anywhere else in the world.

The climates change each year, so sometimes the rainy season holds off and moves a month or two.

This can make planning you Thailand a bit hard but we can give you a guide to the best times to come to avoid the rain or heat.


Bangkok’s Weather Season

Cool Season – November to February

Hot Season – March to June

Rainy Season – July to October


Phuket’s Weather Season

Cool Season – November to February

Hot Season – March to May

Rainy Season – June to October


Koh Samui Weather Seasons

Cool/Dry Season – December to February

Hot Season – March to August

Wet Season – September to November

Koh Samui’s seasons change each year. Sometimes heavy rain will come in December and not die off until 2 weeks into January.


Chiang Mai Weather Seasons

Cool Season – November to February

Hot Season – March to May

Rainy Season – June to October


Average Thailand Temperatures

Thailand Weather Radar Satellite


In December 2016 and January 2017 there was torrential rain in the southern part of Thailand.

This was making roads flood and make beaches close, making it not a great time for tourists and locals

It is high season in these times and supposed to be sunny and fine with nice and hot temperatures, with cool nights.

It just goes to show that Thailand’s weather can be so unpredictable.

Just like anywhere in the world, the weather can change outside its season.


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