Best Thailand Travel Apps for Travelling in Asia

Thailand Travel Apps

Some Good Thailand Travel Apps

IPhone and Android users can download some Thailand Travel Apps before going on any Thailand trips.

It can help them save on time and money.

You can navigate anywhere around the world, and keep in contact with your family from miles away.

A lot of places in Bangkok and the other popular tourist areas have free Wifi, so going into some place like McDonalds to use for a few minutes can help your travel day a whole lot easier


Thailand Travel Free Android App

Download the New Free Android App for Discounted Hotels, Flights, Tours, Villas, Holiday Packages and Thailand Travel Guide all on the One App.

The hotel rates are updated daily at noon.

If you are after last-minute hotels while travelling, then it is an excellent app to have.

As it only takes a few easy finger-taps on your phone, to search for a hotel for a “last minute” booking or even browse for booking something in advance.

We also recommend that you book your Thailand Hotels here.

Thailand Travel Android App Download Here

Thailand Travel App



GRAB is part owned by UBER and is a cheap and reliable way to travel around Thailand.

In most tourist areas Taxis and Tuk Tuks rip people off and overcharge most foreign customers.

Using the GRAB app will ensure you get a quote before the trip

You can also see the rating of your driver and even see how far away they are from you.

Discounted Ride
You get a discounted ride with your first Grab (up to 70 THB off)

Just download the app, register using this referral code GRABSAMUIFREE,

or use this link:


GRAB Taxi App



Thailand Travel Apps To Try

Here are some things you can do and achieve from the most popular Thailand travel apps to change your life.

Free Wi-Fi Finder – It shows you the way to the closest places of free access to Wi-Fi connection near your current location.

Filter location types and have the information about the latest hotspot on your fingertips.


WhatsApp Messenger – It is a complimentary service that allows you to exchange messages with friends and family.

You can create groups and even send unlimited audio-video messages and images.


ITA – OnTheFly – This app provides a thorough and progressive mode to shop for best airfares itinerary anywhere around the world.

You can easily and quickly find the accessible flights with optimum fares using this friendly and spontaneous interface.

It compares the prices, dates, and alternate airports across airlines.



You can also locate the inexpensive time to plan your trip.

Remember that this app does not facilitate booking, but selected trip can be e-mailed to your travel provider for making reservations.

With handy information a novice traveller can get the lowest fare.


Whatsapp Logo



More Travel Apps To Try

TripIt – TripIt automatically stores your trip details and creates a helpful itinerary on your iPhone.

Now, you do not have to search for e-mails or print outs for confirmation number and reservation details.

You just have to forward your trip details to

It organizes your travel plan, adds information like maps, driving directions and weather.


FlightTrack Pro – The app rapidly and accurately alerts you about your flight delays.

With it you can manage your real-time flights.

It has a list of more than 3000 airports and above 1400 airlines.

This information is also useful, when you have to pick a friend at the airport.


SeatGuru – This app offers you seat maps and insights of more than 700 colour coded airplanes.

You can select wisely from the seat options at the airport.


GateGuru – Download GateGuru that tells you what stores, eateries and services are in your airport terminal.If you are at an unknown terminal this app helps you to locate the nutrition department.


XE Currency – After a long flight, you get fogged and stumble at the airport ATM without any clue of how many rupees, pesos or pounds to withdraw.

XE currency app calculates instantly using the current exchange prices.


Camera+ – This app gives your iPhone a self-timer, greater zoom, a stabilizer for sharp pictures.

Moreover, when you shoot in dark churches and museums, where flash is not allowed, it is capable to add clarity and flash after the photo is shot.


All Thailand travel apps have common things and that is they solve your problem spontaneously on the go.

They cut down your travelling time by pointing in authentic direction or make your shopping easy with exchange calculators.


Thailand Camera Apps


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