Pattaya Bars in Walking Street in Pattaya – Thailand

Walking Street Pattaya Bars

Pattaya Bars

Pattaya is famous for its beer bars, staffed by “bar girls” who are “for hire” to the tourists and ex-pats who drink there.

There are over 1000 bars around Pattaya to cater for all tastes and budgets.

From small outdoor beer bars in complexes to indoor “shop house” bars and large air conditioned bars, bar complexes, gogo bars and clubs playing live music.

Open-air beer bars can be found all over Pattaya,.

The biggest and best known being along and around Pattaya Soi 7 /Pattaya Soi 8 and Pattaya Walking Street.

They are also at numerous points on Pattaya second Road, Pattaya Beach Road, Soi Buakhao.

There are smaller numbers everywhere, including along the southern end of Naklua Road and at Jomtien.


Pattaya Bars on Walking Street


What To Expect

The bar scene in Pattaya is very full on. It is known as “Sin City” for a reason.

You will be approached by girls when you enter a bar to either buy them a drink or to take them home.

This may be exciting in the first hour or so but it gets full on.

When you visit every bar you are approached by girls who want to sit on your lap and get your money.

The best way is to politely say, “No thanks” and ask for the beer menu.

Although the staff of a typical beer bar will usually all be prostitutes, customers who have no intention of paying a “bar fine” (money paid to the bar so that the girl can leave with the customer) are generally very welcome and indeed make up the majority of the customers.

Indoor beer bars can also be found all over Pattaya, the most notorious areas of Pattaya being Soi Yodsak (Soi 6) and parts of Soi Post Office (Soi 13/2).


Pattaya Tourist Police

Pattaya is notorious for being a place full of drunk young tourists.

Trouble seems to follow drunk people as they get upset with some of the bar girls and how they have been treated.

Or other arguments break out between tourists about girls.

Customers are also sometimes over charged by places, so be aware of this and always ask for drink prices up front.

The Pattaya Tourist Police walk around the main areas to help people who are having a dispute that cannot be resolved.

You can call them on 1155 or try to find them walking the streets.


Tourist Police in Pattaya




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