Float House River Kwai Resort

Float House River Kwai Resort

Float House River Kwai Resort



The Float House River Kwai resort is located in the Sai Yok National Park in Kanchanaburi – Thailand.

Pamper yourself and your partner/friends on one of the world’s most extraordinary floating resorts.

This Float House River Kwai Resorts puts you in a world of elegance with its teak wood and bamboo, featured with wooden furniture and broad range of services and facilities.

Situated in the middle, the floating lobby and restaurant are easy access for all guests.

Located on a magnificent part of the River Kwai – one of the world’s most historical rivers.

Which makes the resort the finest design and the best place for you to relax and enjoy the surroundings.



Dining at the Float House River Kwai Resort 3


Things To Do At The Float House River Kwai Resort

There are many things that you can do while you are spending time here.

It is a great place to do nothing, sit around and read a book as you watch people go up a down the river.

Other activities are listed below.

  • Longtailed Boat Trips
  • Hire a Canoe
  • Bamboo Rafting
  • Culture Mon Dance Show
  • Mon Village and Temple Tour
  • Lawa Cave Expedition
  • Orchard Walk
  • Bird Watching
  • Sunbathing
  • Mountain Biking


Float House River Kwai Resort Activities


Getting To The Float House River Kwai Resort

Directions are to the Resotel Pier, there is another 1.5 kilometres to travel from the entrance.

You then take a long–tailed boat from Resotel Pier to The Float House River Kwai Resort.

The area has signs directing you to the resort.



By Car from Bangkok

It takes about only 2.30 hrs driving from Bangkok to reach The Float House River Kwai.

If you are hiring a car and have a GPS then the GPS Coordinates are: N 14.281035, E 99.000796

If you do not have a GPS, then get a map at many of the tourist outlets around Thailand and follow the main roads.

It would be best to also have the address in Thai as well, so you can show the locals, so they understand your directions.

Also make sure you have the phone number of the resort, so you can get directions from them too.

Phone: 02 642 4173


By Bus from Bangkok

Head to Bangkok’s Southern Bus Terminal and ask them which buses you need to take and they will direct you.


By Train from Bangkok

Head to Bangkok Noi Railway Station and ask directions on how to get to Namtok Railway Station.

The train station is 10km away from the pier, so you will need to get a taxi or mini van to the pier from here.

This is a well known place, so getting here should not be a problem.

But just like anywhere around Thailand, ensure you organise a price beforehand and know what price to expect to pay.



Float House River Kwai Resort Overview


If you are looking for something different and want a treat, then this place is gives you all different experiences unlike no other.




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