Thailand Tourist Police

Thailand Tourist Police

Thailand Tourist Police

There are special Thailand Tourist Police in all major tourist areas including Bangkok, to help out tourists that need someone who can speak good English. 

They will assure your visit is as safe and as pleasant as possible.

Most tourist police will speak English and a few will speak Japanese or other European languages.

In most cases they are farangs (foreigners) who take on this role, so they have lived in their area for some time and know what happenings can occur and at most instances have an easy solution to your problem

If you become involved in a dispute during your stay and do not feel you are being treated fairly, call 1155 for the Tourist Police.

They are very familiar with all the local scams and the operators who run them.


Pattaya Tourist Police

Pattaya has the most prominent distribution of Thailand Tourist Police in the one area.

Pattaya’s walking streets is full of action and not always the fun kind.

You will see Thailand Tourist Police walking up the main Soi’s to make sure that things are all under control.

They also have a small seated area where people can come up to them and tell them their troubles.

Alcohol does fuel a lot of trouble, so you may see the Thailand Tourist Police in action while you are there.


Thailand Tourist Police

In other areas of Thailand you may not see or be able to find an officer.

You can always dial 1155 and then you can talk to someone about your issues.

Thailand Tourist Police are there to help you and will guide you in the best way to tackle your problems

Going to the Thai Police might be a bad idea, as they will most likely be on the Thai person’s side.

If you are every confronted by a Thai Police Officer and they are after a bribe, beware it could be a SCAM.

It would be best to then call the Tourist Police or ask the Thai Police for ID.


Tourist Police in Thailand


Happy Travelling!