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Travel To Thailand

When you travel to Thailand you will see why it called the Land of Smiles and it is increasingly becoming a popular destination for tourists from all over the world.

With plenty of history, beautiful beaches and resorts, as well as lots of wildlife and culture on offer, there is somewhere in Thailand to suit everybody.

The film ‘The Beach’ placed Thailand well and truly on the tourists map with expectations of pristine white sandy beaches and an element of adventure.

Of course this was fiction but excitement and adventure can still be found in this charismatic country in South East Asia.

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Exploring the Capital

Most tourists of which there is estimated to have been over 25 million in 2016, will come through Bangkok, the capital city.

People tend to either love or hate Bangkok as it is a massive sprawling city with no discernible centre as such, smelly, loud and polluted.

It can be too much for some people as it does tend to be a complete sensory overload to the unaccustomed traveller.


Bangkok Shopping

There is a great variety of shopping available in the city with Bangkok shopping centers and markets littered all over the place.

In the north of the city, the weekend market known as Chatuchak Market or JJ, it is the world’s largest weekend market and covers over 35 Acres. There are also the floating markets that are not too far away.

Here you will find a vast range of things on offer from clothes, wildlife, art, flowers electrical.

Almost anything you can think of is on sale here somewhere.

The trouble is finding it in its maze of walkways and passages which can be very hot and humid especially during the warmer months of summer.


Getting Around Bangkok

A good way to see the city is to travel on the river or canals and the cost is moderate and is potentially a lot quicker than using a Thailand taxi or Tuk Tuk.

You will also find a host of different foods on offer with lots of restaurants and Thailand street food actually being cooked on the street.

Some of the best food you will eat can be found amongst the many street vendors in the capital city.

There are also many art galleries, historic building and temples in this vibrant city as well as lots of parks and greenery to make Bangkok appear really quite green.


Floating Market


Chiang Mai and the North

When you travel to Thailand, it is not all about Bangkok.

After you have had your fill of Bangkok, either loving it or hating it, why not try a trip up north and explore some more?

There is a range of moderately prices transport on offer in Thailand with plenty of tour companies, public buses, trains and planes to many destinations.

A popular way to travel north would be the night train to Chiang Mai.

You can get a private sleeper cabin for a reasonable price and there is also food and drink available on board, although it is recommended that you bring your own as well. However you decide to travel you will notice instantly a change when you get out of Bangkok.

There is still a sense of hustle and bustle with the way that people go about their lives, but it is a lot more relaxed than in the capital


About Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is an old city which dates back over 700 years and attracts over 5 million travelers a year and is the second biggest city n Thailand.

It offers over 300 Temples, also called a Wat, with many of these dating back hundreds of years.

There is a distinct taste to the food in the north of the country and plenty of chilies are used in most of the dishes.

With lots of lush green jungle and rice paddies located not far outside the city, there is also a wealth of animal life on offer for the locals and tourists alike.

Chiang Mai is also a good starting point for the many other destinations that are popular with tourists such as Pai, Chiang Rai and Mae Hong Son.

Transport to other places is easy and inexpensive as well as being very regular, no matter which form of transport you choose to take. See below


Chiang Mai Popular Thailand Destinations


Thailand Beaches and Islands

 After you have explored Bangkok and the north of the country as well, it is time to relax for a while and travel to Thailand’s many islands or beach resorts that are on offer.

For all of the young single people who are looking to go to a Full Moon party, then Koh Phangan is the place to head to, located in the Gulf of Thailand and is just north of the famous Koh Samui Island.

Not quite as built up as Samui, Koh Phangan still has lots of isolated hideaways, which offer tranquil settings with beautiful scenery.

Just further north of the island you have Koh Tao which is even less built up and offers excellent Scuba Diving.


The Andaman Sea

On the other side of Thailand you have the Andaman Sea which is where the world famous Phuket is located, as well as many beautiful islands located throughout the province known as Krabi.

You can find the Maya Bay (currently closed for regeneration) on the Phi Phi Islands which is where the film The Beach was partly filmed, as well as lots of other tranquil settings such as Koh Racha or Koh Mook or Koh Ngai.

After all the exploring in Bangkok and the north of the country, you can easily relax all day and top up your tan, recharging your batteries and enjoying a truly memorable holiday in paradise.

When you travel to Thailand you’ll see that it has so much to offer that everyone will be able to find a little bit of paradise and not want to leave.

Koh Phi Phi Don


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