Things To Remember For A Holiday

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Things To Remember For A Holiday

Family travelling is often a challenge, and even more so during the holidays, so here are some things to remember for a holiday.

Roadways, airports, train stations, bus stations, and car rental agencies are pushed to the max.

If you’re travelling, be prepared to endure long lines, crowds, and traffic jams.

We have timetables, routes and prices of Thailand Destinations for you to organise your trip better.

If you want to keep your holiday cheer while travelling this year then hopefully the below tips helps.


Bangkok Airport - Things To Remember When Holidaying


Prepare Well in Advance

The more prepared you are for travelling, the easier it will be.

If you wait until the last minute, you’re going to be much more stressed and things probably won’t go entirely the way you’d want them to.

While you always have to expected the unexpected, a little planning can go a long way toward making your trip successful.

One of the most important ways to prepare is by making a detailed packing list for each member of the family.

Write down everything you need to bring weeks before you flight and check them off as they enter the suitcase;

You’ll save yourself the headache of trying to figure out if you have everything you need.

Or running around in the last hours to pack those forgotten items.

Clothes are cheap in Thailand, so packing extra clothing should not be an option.


Things to remember for a holiday


Consider Shipping Gifts

If you’re taking public transportation, you might want to consider shipping holiday gifts and shopping to your next Thailand destination.

Postage in Thailand is cheap, so sending something onto your next hotel might save you the hassle of extra luggage.

You’ll have much less to carry, pack, and worry about during the trip.

You also won’t risk the gifts being damaged in transit. (Even though posting is a risk too)

Even if it costs a little bit more, shipping the gifts might be worth it for all the hassle you’ll spare yourself.

The same goes for the way home; consider shipping the gifts you receive to cut down on baggage.

Prices for extra luggage weight at the airport is getting expensive, so it may be cheaper to post some items home.


Thailand Post Office



Entertain the Children

Every parent knows that travelling with children of any age is at least ten times more difficult than travelling alone or just as a couple.

For your own sanity and the sanity of anyone around you, remember to bring plenty of things to entertain your kids.

One of the best bets, especially with the youngest of children, is to purchase new toys to introduce to them for the first time during the trip.

New toys should hold their interest longer than their usual ones.

For older kids, remember books, pencil and pad, iPad, MP3 player, magazines, or whatever else they’ll enjoy.

Don’t forget to fully charge you electronics, so the children can play with them or watch a movie.

Some planes have USB connections in the seat, so don’t forget to pack your chords in your “Carry On” luggage.


Plane Seat with USB Connections


Get There Early

The holidays are the busiest travelling times of the year, so remember that if you want to be on time, you need to do everything early.

Traffic and delays are some things to remember for a holiday, as you may not know what your destination is like.

It’s more than likely that you’ll experience at least some type of delay, so be prepared for it

Whether it’s a traffic jam or a long line at airport security, you don’t want to chance being late or missing your flight.

Leave your home at least one hour early, preferably more.

Typical travel times will be increased all around, so plan accordingly.

Especially if you need to catch a flight from Bangkok; the traffic can be horrendous.

We have information about getting around Bangkok, for you to get to places on time.


Bangkok Traffic - things to remember for a holiday


You want your holidays to be as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Besides staying home, there are several ways to make travelling easier.

Hopefully with these things to remember for a holiday, will make your holiday a lot better.



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Happy Travelling!!!