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Thailand Travel Guide

We have put together a Thailand Travel Guide to help you get your foot in the door.

It is fun to travel Thailand because it is an interesting and exotic place.

Thailand is one of the best tourist place to visit in the world.

There are plenty of things to do in Thailand.

If there is any place to have a holiday, Thailand is the one,  but do not be amazed when you end up extending your stay or wishing that you had never left.

The prices are cheap, the scenery is beautiful and the people are very friendly.

Mixed with the hot tropical weather and the beautiful food, Thailand should be on everyone’s travel plans.


Places To Visit in Bangkok


If you are travelling for more than 30 days then you need to organised a visa.

Or else you will be fined for each day that you go over your tourist visa.

Visa information changes frequently, so check before you travel, so you do not get into trouble for over staying your visa.


Phuket Travel Guide

If you like to visit Phuket island, then there are lots of things to do to occupy your time.

There of course are all of the beautiful beaches, also visit temples like Wat Chaiwathanaram or for the adventure type people, try and organise  a forest hike.

You can choose different locations according to your budget and fitness level.  

You can also choose to do a car safari.

During these adventures you will see beautiful plants and animals in their natural habitat throughout the national park.

If you are planning to enjoy your time on the island’s beaches, there are many other  activities to fill your time.

You can choose sailing, diving, sea canoeing, windsurfing, snorkeling or swimming.

The Tarutao Park gives exotic snorkeling trips.

There are guides available for the people who are new to the game.

These tour instructors can assist you to have a more enjoyable time on the beach, if sun baking is not for you.

Take a trip on a glass bottom boat to look at local fish and corals which you cannot see at many places.


Thailand Travel Guide



People who are golfers need not to worry that they will not be able to get onto a course; there are more than 100 golf courses in Thailand to select from.

The Green Fees are reasonable and most of the courses are situated near the big tourist destinations.

Most of the courses a very picturesque and it will be a highlight of your golfing career.

It will give you something to brag about when you show your photos to your friends back home.


Pattaya Golf



Thai Food

People who visit Thailand for food, will not be disappointed.

The Thai cuisine is popular around the world and is one of the healthiest choices.

There is plenty of tasty fresh caught fish and seafood cooked perfectly by mixing in aromatic spices and herbs.

You can have your food either grilled over coals or cooked in a wok/pan.


Pad Thai


Temples and Buddhism

If a more tranquil holiday is for you then there are plenty of Buddhist monasteries and temples.

They are stunningly beautiful palaces all around Thailand, while Bangkok and Chiang Mai have many all in the one area. 

Bangkok is popular for its wonderful monuments of culture and architecture.

There are a lot of Buddhist temples in every town but Thais also have a little monument in their work, bar, restaurant or house.

Here they light incense and leave food and say a small prayer each morning.


Temples have a dress code and should be followed to show respect.

Women are to cover their shoulders and men are to be dressed neat casual.

Most temples have shoals for women to wear if they forget to dress appropriately.


Thai Temple



Bangkok is also known as Krung Tep (in Thai) , it is the official name of the capital.

The historic city is built by the Chao Phraya River, which is very busy with tourist boats and locals doing their daily works.

The most famous and popular attraction in Bangkok is the Grand Palace, the home of Thai kings with beautiful parks and built in the conventional Thai style.

The wall length of the palace is above 2 km long.

You can also find a library and the mausoleum in the royal palace complex which houses cremated remains of the members of the royal family.

Bangkok has many rooftop bars that look out over the city. A great place to see Bangkok at night.

Bangkok has has many little cozy style parks that are woven throughout the city for you to relax in.

There are plenty of street food around so you can have a quick bite to eat and to just watch the Thais go about their business.


Grand Palace Bangkok



Then there is Pattaya, with its white sandy beaches , active nightlife, with different kinds of entertainment and shows.

It is a place that is very different at night, as most of the main streets convert into a nightlife party.

This is when all of the Pattaya bars and Thai girls are out to try and get your business.

It is not for the faint hearted but if you are adventurous and want to see the Thai sex trade, then this place has all of it in the one place.


Pattaya Bars


Once you have been to Thailand, then you can start your own Thailand Travel Guide.

You can share it with your friends and people you meet along the way and they can share their Thailand Travel Guide with you.



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