Learning Thai through Travel

Learning Thai Through Travel

Learning the Thai Language in Thailand

It is often said that the best way to learn any language is to immerse one’s self in the culture of the country.

What better way to do this than learn Thai through travel and travel to Thailand and interact with the people who speak the language as their own.

In a tonal language such as Thai, it is very helpful to potential learners to hear people who have been born with the language to speak and converse in their natural way.

Thai Consonants


How to Learn the Thai Language

Language School
One of the more practical ways of learning the Thai language is to enroll in a language school rather than to learn Thai through travel.

There are actually schools that offer online courses and these lessons can provide the basics in learning the language.

However, because of the tonal nature of the language, where a word can change meaning depending on the tone, it would be a lot better if learning is done on a face-to-face set-up.

There is also a marked advantage in choosing a language school that is actually located in Thailand to have access to the advantages of being in the Thai environment while learning.


Regular Use
We are all familiar with the adage that practice makes perfect. This is very true in learning a foreign language.

It would be very advantageous to be able to use online learning in actual conversation with people who really know and use the language.


Cultural Immersion
Language learning obtained from cultural immersion is known to be the most effective.

Being in the very same country where the desired language to be learned is used on a daily basis makes it a lot easier to get the feel and real understanding of the intricacies of a specific language.

A two week stay in Thailand can produce more learning wonders than a year’s study using books in the learner’s place of origin


Thai and English Words That Are The Same.

Impress your Thai friends with words that mean the same in Thai and English.



Thai Writing


The Relevance of Travel in Learning the Thai Language

From the choices mentioned above with regards to learning the Thai language, it can be easily surmised that traveling to Thailand is the best way to go about it.

Being in the country where the Thai language is used presents rich opportunities for faster and better learning.

There can be no better teachers of the language than the locals who speak it naturally.

Seeing Thailand physically and experiencing its culture goes hand in hand with learning the language.

Instead of looking at words as combination of letters, they will come to life as representations of Thailand.

Visiting Thailand is by far the best way to learn Thai through travel.


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