Koh Samui Immigration Office

Koh Samui Immigration Office Map

Koh Samui Immigration Office

The Koh Samui Immigration Office is located in the north of Koh Samui in Maenam.

As of October 2016 the immigration office has moved from Nathon to Maenam.

The new office is a lot bigger and can handle more customers at the one time.

It is now more central and more convenient for people living on the east coast of Koh Samui.


Surat Thani Koh Samui Immigration Office


Getting to the Koh Samui Immigration Office

The new Koh Samui Immigration Office can be a little bit tricky to find as it is off the main Koh Samui Ring Road.

It is located off Soi 1 in Maenam, which is the same road that takes you from Maenam to Lamai.

If you are catching a Taxi or Song Taew (Koh Samui Public Tuk tuk), then just say Soi 1 Maenam or Soi Neung Maenam.

The picture below is where you turn off the Koh Samui ring road to head to the Koh Samui Immigration Office.


Koh Samui Immigration Office Soi 1


Once you turn left, you go up 300 metres and the Koh Samui Immigration will be on the right.

The Immigration Office is not on this road but up a long driveway on the right.

Sometimes the sign to turn right has fallen over, so look out for a driveway on the right that leads to a large building

(see picture and video below).


Koh Samui Immigration Office 300 metre turnoff


Koh Samui Immigration Office Facilities

There is plenty of parking near the office for cars and motorbikes.

There are also motorbike taxis waiting there for you to get back to your Koh Samui Hotel.

There is also a small office there for you to photocopy your passport, take passport photos.

You then fill out your visa form and head to the immigration office on the first floor.

They do not charge a lot for this service but you can come with the passport photos and photocopies.

You can also download the form off the internet and walk straight up to the immigration office.

There is also a cafe on the ground floor for you to get something to eat or drink while you wait.


Koh Samui Immigration Photocopy Office


Processing Your Thailand Visa Application

Once you have all your required documents you head up to the immigration office.

It is the main building on the first floor.

Don’t forget to take off your shoes and dress appropriately.

First you line up on the left hand side to pay for your Thailand Visa application.

There is also an immigration worker who walks along the line to check to see if you have all the correct documents.

There are different types of visas and they are different for each country.

Please check with your own Thai Embassy to see what you are entitled to.

Once you pay for your visa, you then line up on counter 4 to the left of the building.

A worker will take your application, check your passport photo and then ask you to wait.

You will be handed a ticket with a number on it.

You then wait until your number is called out and then you collect your passport with your new visa stamp.



No Cameras are allowed inside, so we could not show you the inside.




Happy Travelling!