Etiquette in Thailand Cinemas – Standing in Thailand Movie Theatres

Etiquette in Thailand Cinemas

Etiquette in Thailand Cinemas

There is an Etiquette in Thailand Cinemas before the movie starts.

If you have ever been to watch a movie in Thailand you will know what we mean.

If you have not, here is a tip.

When you see everyone in the cinema stand up, make sure you stand up as well.

It is respecting the King of Thailand and the Thai Royal Family


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Before the main feature, everyone will stand to sing San Sern Pra Baramee, which translates to “Bless the King.”

If you do not stand then you will disrespect the King and also the other Thai cinema goers.

It also gives farangs (foreigners) a bad name.


You obviously do not have to sing along with the other Thais but just standing is enough to show respect.


To learn more about The King of Thailand click here.




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