Big Buddha Phuket Statue and Lookout – Thailand

Big Buddha Phuket

Big Buddha Phuket Statue and Lookout.

The Big Buddha Phuket is a must visit for those that want to see a bit of Thai culture.

It’s free to go see but it is a temple, so please dress appropriately.

This 45 metre high statue of Buddha is on top of Nak-kerd Hill, so it looks out all around Phuket.

The statue has been getting built for years, so even if you have not been for a while, it is still worth another look.

It is an icon of Thailand and is a must visit when you go to Phuket.


Big Buddha Phuket


Getting To Big Buddha Phuket

It is very easy to access Big Buddha Phuket in a tuk tuk, car or motorbike.

It is about 30 minutes drive from Patong and is easy to get there, as they are all main roads.

You just take the turn off on ChaoFa Rd West and drive a few kilometres up hill to the top.

Even the drive up to the Big Buddha is very scenic and you can stop on the way to look out over the hills of Phuket.

The road used to be dirt and very hard to get to but now it is all sealed and even has barriers on the sharp corners.

Along the way there are restaurants and lookouts for you to stop and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

There is also a place to stop and feed some elephants. Do not stop as this is cruel and you are abetting this bad treatment.

Article about Bad Treatment To Elephants



When You Arrive at Big Buddha Phuket.

You will arrive at the carpark which is still below the Buddha statue.

You then walk up a slight hill until you get to the temple and 32 alms bowls, which is at the base of Big Buddha.

The 32 Alms bowls is a place where you can donate small amounts of money or say a small prayer. (See Video Below)

At the bottom of Big Buddha there are also food and drink stalls.

In the temple you can learn about the building of the statue, say a prayer and get a monk’s blessing.



Chalong Bay Lookout.

Also at the top of Big Buddha in Phuket you can look across the eastern coast of Phuket.

The main place you will see is Chalong Bay and Koh Lon.

After you visit Big Buddha it is worth taking a trip to Chalong Bay and Chalong Pier. It is not far.

There is a strip of road with bars and restaurants and also nice places to eat along the water’s edge.

This will give you more of an insight into what is on Phuket’s east coast and just another different place to visit.


Chalong Bay Look Out From Big Buddha Phuket


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