Where To Find Thailand Hotels and Resorts

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Where To Find Thailand Hotels and Resorts

If you want to know where to find Thailand Hotels then there are many different ways to do so.

Now with the web at your fingertips, both on your home computer or on your smart phone, there’s always an easy way to discover a hotel when you are travelling.

Most people plan their journey months before they leave and a few people just plan their travel just a few days prior and travel with last minute planning.

When a person decides to travel, often the very first thing they plan is which hotel to stay at.

You could elect to not spend much time on planning for your travels and simply arrive at your destination and hope to find a hotel.

Or you could find and make a booking at a hotel prior to your departure at a well know travel destination.

This is where you would be sure that the area you are staying is a good tourism area.

No one wants to take a chance that they won’t have a place to stay, particularly if they’re tired from traveling or jet lagged.


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Best Ways To Find Thailand Hotels

So, what is one of the best ways to find hotels?

Asking people for tips will work if the person has travelled to the same location.

Nevertheless, this isn’t always one of the best ways, since different people like different things.


You Can Go Online.

All you do is enter where you need to go and a lot of Thailand Accommodation websites will appear.

You can then search for a particular travel/tourism area, the quality (star rating) of the hotel, the price.

You can then filter such things like if you need a swimming pool, Wifi, child friendly, breakfast etc.



Travel Agents

One other way to find out is by going to a travel agent and asking for their help.

Even then they will want to know the place you wish to be close to and roughly what area you want to stay.

These services are normally free because they get a commission from the hotel for booking through them.


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Thailand Travel Maps

Deciding on which hotel to stay at usually requires the use of maps.

Unless the person has been to the destination several times before and knows precisely where she or he needs to stay.

Maps are going to offer all the needed guidelines you will need to decide which hotel to stay at.

There are various maps available which might be detailed to specific cities showing exactly where many of the hotels are positioned.

They also show their distance to other places you may wish to visit around that area.

You can use paper maps or these days most hotel booking sites have maps on their web site.

Then you can see all the hotels in the one space, simply by looking at one map.

You’ll be able to then click on every hotel and get extra in depth information about that hotel.

There are also paper maps at the airport and in a whole lot of tour agencies around Thailand


Bangkok Hotel Map


Tourist Information Signs

If you have travelled before you would have seen that around the major tourist areas there are Tourist Information Places.

These are set up to assist travellers to ensure they enjoy their holidays as stress free as possible.

You will discover a sign with a capital i in the middle of it (Which stands for Information). See below image.

Also you may find a travel and tourism office where you can get brochures and maps relating to the area.

This will give the traveler a good suggestion on which hotel to stay at based mostly on features and location.


Tourist Information Sign


Hotel Check In

Make your self familiar to your new surroundings. Look at shop names and street intersections.

Once you have checked in and about to venture out, it is always a good idea to request a map from the hotel.

The map will most likely have the hotel marked on it, so you can show where you are located.

In Thailand it is necessary to grab a business card or fact sheet that has the address of the hotel in English and in Thai.

That way you can show a taxi driver or shop owner the information so you will never be lost again.

Some hotels have brochures that have recommendations about the tourist attractions around the resort itself.

It makes your travel plans even simpler and more enjoyable for their guests.


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It doesn’t matter how much information you’ve got on you or know from previous travels.

Being prepared makes it important that you learn as much as you can about your new destination before you leave home.

If you familiarise yourself where your hotel is,then when you leave your hotel for the day will make your return easy.

Cheap hotels may be good but chances are you’ll pay extra in taxis and public transport, just to see the main attractions.


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Happy Travelling!