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What To Do On Koh Samui

Wondering what to do on Koh Samui? Then we have put together some suggestions for you.

Koh Samui’s list of things to do and see is diversified and interesting.

Whether or not you go on an organised tour or experience around the island on a motorbike, you can be fascinated by what Koh Samui has to offer.

From the well-known grandma and grandpa rocks to the mummified monks to the enticing waterfalls around the island.

There’s nothing to stop you having an important holiday on the island.


What To Do On Koh Samui - Thailand



Listed below we have ideas of what to do on Koh Samui.


Big Buddha – Wat Phra Yai

Location – Big Buddha Beach

Located on the North East part of the Island is Koh Samui’s most well recognised and well known tourist attraction.

Big Buddhas are popular around Thailand and this 12 metre high golden Buddha is no different.

Koh Samui’s Big Buddha is on top of a stair case and is situated among a small market that sells souvenirs, small trinkets, clothing  and food stalls.


Big Buddha - Koh Samui - Thailand


Na Muang Waterfall

Location – Nathon

Koh Samui has several waterfalls but the two best and most visited waterfalls are the Na Muang waterfalls.

Na Muang which means purple in Thai, gives this waterfall its name because of the large purple rocks that create the waterfalls.

To get to the first Na Muang you are surrounded by a natural formation of trees and rocks that leads you up to the waterfall.

Here you will find a nice natural swimming pool that you can sit in and have the water from the waterfall cascade over you.

Then just a small 10 minute walk up the hill, will take you to the second Na Muang waterfall.


Na Muang Waterfall - Koh Samui - Thailand


Mummified Monk at Wat Khunaram

Location – Lamai

A short trip south of Chaweng will bring you to Lamai.

Apart from stunning beaches and shopping, Lamai also houses a strange but interesting  sight.

A mummified monk named Loung Pordaeng who died over twenty years ago.

It is displayed here in a glass case for people to view.


Mummified Monk at Wat Khunaram


Hin Ta and Hin Yai

Location – Lamai Beach

While you are around Lamai you might as well fit in some more sightseeing.

The Hin Ta and Hin Ya, which translates to Grandfather and Grandmother rocks, looks rather like male and female genitalia.

The large rocks are a funny sightseeing place to visit if you are passing by.

They also make good photos for when you return home.


Hin Ta and Hin Yai Rocks - Koh Samui - Thailand


Angthong National Marine Park

Location – 28 kilometres from Samui

If you came to Koh Samui by ferry then you would have noticed the Ang Thong National Marine Park.

It is situated North West of Koh Samui in the the Gulf of Thailand.

This picturesque part of Thailand is made up of  caves, limestone mountains, tropical jungles, beaches and  islands.

The 100 sq. kilometres of land and the sea holds 42 Islands.

There is always some type of adventure that fits everyone’s energy level.


Angthong National Marine Park - Koh Samui - Thailand


Koh Samui Elephant Sanctuary

See the ethical part of an elephant living at the Samui Elephant Sanctuary.

Spend a full day or half day enjoying the surroundings with these majestic animals.

The elephant sanctuary has saved the elephants lives from logging, elephant riding, street begging, and performing in circus shows.

They are now free to express their ways in their natural habitats, interact with each other with their natural instincts, and playing together in their custom built pool and mud pit.

Experience the wonder of these majestic giants whilst knowing you are directly supporting ethical elephant tourism in Thailand

Elephant Sanctuaries are not cheap. 

Prices should not be as expensive as they are because you pay to feed them but they need to fed anyway.

They also need to be bathed but you have to pay to experience it.

Up to you if you want to pay the price.

Click here for prices for the Koh Samui Elephant Sanctuary


Volunteer at Elephant Park


Koh Samui Aquarium

Location – Hua Tanon

Located on the south east part of Koh Samui the Hua Tanon.

The aquarium and zoo is a great place to visit to see some of Thailand’s native sea creatures.

The adjoining zoo is where you can see some of the Asian tigers that are fast becoming extinct in the wild.

We suggest that you do not attend the Tiger Zoo, as they drug the animals so people can have photos with them.

This is pure animal cruelty


Koh Samui Aquarium and Tiger Zoo


Wat Plai Laem

Location – Big Buddha Beach

A short trip from the Big Buddha is the  18-arm statue of Guanyin.

It is amongst the temple named Wat Plai Laem.

Also known as the Goddess of Mercy, this huge statue is situated amongst other temples and statues, surrounded by water. 

There a re other temples and statues of Buddha to see here as well.

This is fast becoming Koh Samui’s second favourite attraction, alongside the Big Buddha.


Wat Plai Laem - Koh Samui - Thailand


Koh Samui Snake Farm

Location – Baan Taling Ngam

Watch as the snake handlers risk their lives to handle some of Asia’s most venomous snakes, centipedes and scorpions.

The snake farm is a tourist attraction that will have your talking for years to come.

The snake shows and programs are entertaining and are also informative but in that Thai style of way.


Koh Samui Snake Farm


Secret Buddha Garden

Location – Hills of Samui

Situated amongst the hills to the north west of Lamai.

The Secret Buddha Garden is a place where statues and temples are surrounded by lush tropical forests.

It is a serene place where you can appreciate the cool surroundings of the forest and the hidden secrets of the waterfalls.

The gardens were created in 1976 by a fruit farmer and with over 35 years of growth.

This place is a cool change to other popular tourists places around Koh Samui.


Secret Buddha Garden - Koh Samui - Thailand


Ladyboy Cabaret Shows

Location – Chaweng Beach Road

Ladyboys or Katoeys are famous around Thailand for their Cabaret shows.

Even though you may not think that you will enjoy the show, you will be surprised with the non sexual display of costumes, feathers, lighting and dances.

It is a great show to see at night after you have had a relaxing day on the beach and need something other than bars to visit at night.

There are a few different show companies along Chaweng Beach Road.

Starz Cabaret and Paris Follies are the main popular ones.


Ladyboy Cabaret Shows - Koh Samui - Thailand


EasyKart Samui

EasyKart Samui is located on Soi Reggae in Chaweng.; which is on the opposite side of the lake to Chaweng Beach.

If you like Go Karts then this place is for you.

Challenge your family and friends to a race around their circuit or try to get the fastest lap time.

They have a beginners track for practice and then you can tackle the bigger track.

EasyKart Samui also has:

  • EastFly: Indoor Sky diving without the risk. Float in an air chamber that floats you up into the air.
  • EasySurf:(coming soon):  Practice or learn surfing in a wave pool.

There is also a games and drinks area where you can relax before or after your epic adventure.

All up, it is a great day or night time activity to do with your family and friends.

Open from 10.am to 1.00am (morning)


EasyKart Samui - Go Karts - Thailand



What To Do On Koh Samui

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