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Welcome to the Thailand Travel Blog.

In our Thailand Travel Blog we have articles about Thailand Travel.

We have some tips to help you decide where in Thailand to go, what to do.

We also have some handy tips on what to do before you leave or what to expect when you get to Thailand.

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We also have articles about smaller places but still popular for tourists.

The main areas of Thailand are visited by 1000’s of tourists each week, so if you haven’t been here before then you are in for a holiday of a lifetime.



Krabi Travel Information


Thai People

It is called the Land of Smiles for a reason. the people of Thailand are friendly and always seem to have a smile on their faces.

They will help you and guide you to wherever you are going or whatever you need. ‘

It just seems that they are the friendliest people on the planet and why wouldn’t they be when they liv e in such a beautiful country and surrounded by beautiful people, architecture, beaches and food.

We hope that the information on this page helps your holiday in Thailand be as enjoyable as possible and that you either bookmark our page or follow us on RSS for further information.

Chiang Mai Hilltribe


Getting To Thailand

Thailand is easy to get to. You can now either fly into Thailand’s main airports being Bangkok and Phuket.

If you are coming from some other Asian countries then you can fly into some of the smaller airports; like from Kuala Lumpur to Surat Thani (which is on the mainland but close to Koh Samui).

The two International airports at Bangkok and Phuket have 1000’s of people flying in each day and prices are very cheap to fly to, so coming to Thailand is an easy and cheap way for you to have a tropical holiday in paradise.

There are many types of hotels and resorts in Thailand. You can stay in budget hotels to stay in 5 star resorts and be pampered for days.

Most hotels have a swimming pool and restaurant in them, so you can enjoy your stay and not have to go too far but why wouldn’t you want to head out and see what this country has to offer.


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Getting Around Thailand – Trains, Ferries, Buses, Planes Timetables and Prices


Thailand Hotels

Most hotels are 3 star but are still very cheap. You can pay between $30 and $50 a night for a 3 star hotel, which is very cheap for what you would get back home.

You get an air conditioned room with TV, king size bed and most have free Wifi.

The staff are always very friendly and will help you out with all of your minor and major issues.

There are many luxurious resorts around Thailand. Some are a bit pricey compared to the 3 star resorts but you really do get a magnificent room in a magnificent resort.

Some pools in these resorts are massive and the 5 star treatment you get while here, is second to none.

Maybe book one night in one of the many resorts, just to see what it is like.



Thai Language

It is advisable to learn a few Thai words before you arrive in the country.

Just learning how to say Hello and Thank you, will get you a long way and a nice smile in return.

Learning some of the Thai culture is also recommended. Search some more information in our Thailand Travel Blog.

The wai is a sign of respect and a way to say Thank you more politely. You can read about the wai and some things to know here.

Phuket Resorts


Thai Royal Family

You will also see a lot of Royal pictures, flags and Buddha statue/monuments around the country.

Thai people are very loyal to their royal family, religion and to their flag. What ever you do, do not disrespect the King or Queen in any way.

This can also be punishable by the police if taken too far or someone takes your mocking of them too seriously.

You do not have to love the royal family but do not make any jokes about them, as it will not be taken very well.

They also leave offerings to Buddha at little makeshift temples around the place and in front of bars.

They leave some drinks and some food and light some incense sticks to pay their respect.

Do not joke around and take anything from the offerings.

This is their way of life and if you disrupt it and disrespect it then you will not be appreciated at all.

Even though it is the Land of Smiles, you do not want to see an unhappy or mad Thai person.

Grand Palace Bangkok


Just by learning a few words and respecting how the Thai people live, you will have a great holiday and be treated with respect back.

Having fun or just relaxing is what Thailand is all about; so enjoy your holiday and you will have memories that last you a lifetime.

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Happy Travelling!!!