Thailand Street Food – Thai Street, Market and Beach Food

Thailand Street Food

Thailand Street Food

There is a wide variety of Thailand Street Food around Thailand and depending on your adventurous stomach, there are a lot of different types of food you can try.

A very convenient way to get a quick bite to eat and enjoy a different snack is around each corner.

With a large variety and prices that are very cheap, you will not be disappointed with what you can get in Thailand.

Each different region will have their own different styles of food but they will all be tasty and cooked the authentic way.


Thai Street Food Bangkok Sukhumvit


Some people are scared to eat the street food because they are worried about getting a stomach bug.

If you pick a vendor that is busy and has their food simmering away on a stove, then you can be confident that the food will be ok.

Paying only 40 t0 70 baht for a meal that back home could cost up to 3 to 6 times as much is a great holiday treat.

Thai Street Food is cooked in the authentic way by someone who has been cooking for years.

It makes it taste so much better and the smell that travels along the street can sometimes make your choice a hard one.


Bangkok Street Food

Bangkok is the most famous place in Thailand for Thai Street Food.

Nearly every corner has some Bangkok Food Cart or vendor selling some type of street food.

There are also Soi’s that are famous for all different types of street in the one place.

Soi 38 Sukhumvit is one of them and Patpong and Khao San Road are others.

There is a law in Bangkok to get rid of the street vendors but they will be moved into a more permanent place.

This will allow the smell of Thai food to waft over the streets and allow people to buy cheap food from the streets.



Thailand Beach Food

If you are lucky enough to visit one of Thailand’s many islands, you will see Thai Beach Food on most of the busy beaches.

In the main tourist areas you will see beach kitchens that will have a BBQ Charcoal Grill.

These grills will cook different types of chicken and fish and Tom Sum (Green Papaya Salad).

There are also fruit beach carts that sell cold fruit like , watermelon, mango, papaya, bananas, corn and pineapple



Thailand Market Food

Thailand Food Markets pop up everywhere around Thailand

If there is a spare piece of cleared land then you are most likely to see a food market pop up every now and then.

Thailand also has many permanent markets where people go on a regular basis to buy clothes, drinks and food.

Most popular tourist areas have weekend and night markets that have 10’s of 100’s of stalls, that have all kinds of things.

From clothes, shoes, hats, handbags, sunglasses, drinks, souvenirs and food, these markets are great for tourists.

There are also the famous Floating Markets that sell all of there wares on boats.

To see all of the Bangkok Markets click here.


Sunday Walking Street Market in Chiang Mai


Thailand Street Food – Insects

Then there are the street food carts or market stalls that are full of insects that for the westerners seems a bit daunting.

They are the highest form of protein and lowest form of fat for its size.

The insects give a good source of protein for those that cannot afford to eat main types of protein . ie pork, beef and chicken

Insects are that popular in Thailand that they have to import some insects in from neighbouring countries.

It is best to try the small ones first.

They are mixed with so many herbs and spices that you cannot taste anything apart from the flavourings.




So make sure you try some of the Thailand Street Food and you will not be disappointed with the choice, the taste and especially the price.


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