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Thailand Hotel Tips?

Thailand Hotel Tips: Many people consider Thailand hotels as nothing more than a place to sleep and watch some television while traveling, but there are often a lot more than just that. 

Depending on the nature of the Thailand or Bangkok hotel, it may also be an entertainment complex, dining spot, exercise facility and information provider.

Sometimes the topic of hotel etiquette comes up and if you aren’t sure about the unwritten rules, you may end up looking or feeling silly. 

Here are a few Thailand Hotel Tips to help get you started.


Book in Advance

This is a form of etiquette and a good way to ensure you have a room when you want one. 

A good hotel is often booked far in advance, so it’s always wise and a matter of etiquette to book as soon as you know you’re going to need a room.


Thailand Hotels and Accommodation


Check for Extras

Regardless of the size or status of the hotel, make sure you check around the room shortly after you arrive. 

Determine if you’re going to need extra towels, pillows, blankets or hangers and inform the front desk or the cleaning ladies who have extra on their trolleys. 

Try not to call down late at night when there may be a reduced number of staff. 

While you’re looking around, also take the time to find all the fire exits so you can act fast in case of emergency.

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Order Room Service Ahead

Just like you should call and book your room in advance, you should also order room service ahead of time, especially if you are traveling on business. 

Make sure you order it early enough to eat comfortably, and feel free to open the door in your robe when the room service waiter arrives.


Safety Tips

Just because you’re at a hotel and that hotel likely has its own security doesn’t mean you aren’t responsible for yourself to some degree. Make sure you follow rules like:

  • Never leaving cash and valuables in your room.
  • Never answering the door without first knowing who it is.
  • Double locking your door when possible.
  • Leaving a television on so anyone outside will think you’re still in the room.
  • Never be flashy with money anywhere in the hotel.


Tip The Hotel Staff

If you get good service from the reception staff or cleaning staff, it is a nice gesture to give them a small tip. 

It’s good to keep a small stack of baht on you and give one each time they do something to help.

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Thailand Hotels and Accommodation



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