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A Few Thailand Holiday Tips

We have put together some Thailand Holiday Tips to help make your Thailand Holiday a lot better.


Travel Insurance

Whenever you travel you should take out full insurance coverage in case the worst happens.

Travel insurance is cheap and sometimes you get free Travel Insurance on your Credit Card.

Check with your bank to see if you are eligible.

Even small accidents can cost you 100’s of dollars but if you need to be flown home or flown to Bangkok then that can be 1000’s.


Thailand Visa

Do not overstay your visa. The current fine is 500 baht per day.

The maximum fee is 20,000 baht but you may not be allowed back into Thailand for 3 years.

Always check and double check your departure stamp to make sure you have the right dates.

If you want to stay longer in Thailand, you can go to your closest Immigration Office and pay 1900 baht for a 30 day extension.

Most countries get a free 30 day entrance visa on arrival but check with the Thai Embassy in your own country first.

There are longer visas available but you will not need to contact the closest Thailand Embassy to where you live to find out.

Fees for each visa are determined by each Embassy.


Thai Visa 

Your Embassy

If you get into any sort of trouble that you cannot work out, instantly phone your embassy in Thailand.

They could seem a bit annoyed but they’re paid to be there for you and assist you in any means they can.

The legal system is extremely complicated and really slow, so by no means take into account by going to the law until completely necessary.

In the event you have an issue, take advice from your embassy or from someone you know and trust

Attorneys and the police are a last resort. Probably not what you want to hear but true.


Drinking Water

There are many different brands of bottled water in Thailand.

You are safe to buy any brand that are sold in Tesco, Big C, 7/11, Family Mart and other main stores.

It is also safe to buy the main brands from small Thai stores, as long as the top is sealed.

Tap water shouldn’t be drank from the tap although it’s safe for brushing your teeth with.

Do not forget that ice, except in top notch outlets, is mostly not comprised of bottled water.

Always ask the bar person if the ice is made from bottled water.

The main tourist areas have bottled water for their ice.


Bottled Water Thailand


Tipping in Thailand

Tipping is, as virtually in every single place, a difficult subject.

Large hotels and restaurants usually add 10% to the bill, plus the VAT (Government tax), so that you only want to add a tip when you have obtained exceptional service or if you’re rich and famous.

Small restaurants and street vendors do not add on a VAT or tip, so you should leave something little for them.

It is up to you, but leaving the odd coin or small note for a meal and service that was pleasing will not hurt your hip pocket but will make them very happy.


Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Be happy and enjoy your travels.

Do not let a little mishap destroy your whole holiday.

If you are a sensible tourist you will find Thailand one of the most secure and most pleasant international locations within the world.

If you follow these Thailand Holiday Tips then your holiday will be a lot better.

Just use common sense and you will be ok


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