Motor Bike Licence Test on Koh Samui

Motor Bike Licence Test on Koh Samui

Motor Bike Licence Test on Koh Samui.

To do your Motor Bike licence Test on Koh Samui can be a vigorous task but is worth it at the end.
Once you have it, you will have no confusions with the police while driving around with your current licence.
You can then use your licence as ID and do not need to carry your passport.
You will also have more authority if you happen to be involved in an accident.
(Most Thai people on Samui do not have a licence, so if you have an accident and they do not have a licence; it’s their fault – no matter what)


Transport Office Location

The Koh Samui Transport office is located in Lipa Noi which is located on the south west of the island. 
Getting a Drivers Licences on Koh Samui are available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
It is about 45 minutes ride from Chaweng.
You can drive south through Lamai or north through Nathon.
There are signs but they can be hard to see.
It’s a lot easier to use Google Maps and get directions as you ride/drive.
Click image to open up Google Maps
Koh Samui Transport Office

What To Do When You Get There.

Since COVID 19 they have set up a tent out the front of the office.
There used to be a number cards you grabbed when you got there but that is no longer available.
You need to arrive before 9 o’clock and be seated in the sitting area. (See videos below)
There is not much information in English, so just be patient as they will deal with the Thai people first.
They will announce for foreigners to come to the front in English.
If you do not have a motorbike licence in your own country, then it will take 2 days to get your licence.
1st day documents, eye and reaction test and written test.
2nd day is driving test. (You have to return before 2pm but have 90 days to do this)

If you do have a motorbike licence you just need to do the documents, eye and reaction test and can be out of there by 11am.

What Documents You Need


International Licence or Home Country Licence and Photocopy

Your home licence photocopy needs to be authorised from your Countries Embassy.

If you have a Licence that has a motorbike attached to it, then all you need to do is do the eye and reaction tests.

Certificate of Residence

Go to the Koh Samui Immigration Office and obtain and Certificate of Residence.

It costs 500 baht and will take around 30 minutes (Depending on the amount of people there)

What you’ll need:

  • passport photo
  • passport
  • copy of your passport’s photo page, visa and TM6 Departure Card
  • copy of your Receipt of Address Notification or a copy of your lease/house book with your name and address.

Surat Thani Koh Samui Immigration Office

Doctor’s Certificate

You need to obtain a basic doctor’s certificate from a hospital on Koh Samui.

This normally costs around 250 baht.

Just ask at reception for a drivers licence certificate.

There is a work visa doctor’s certificate but you do not need that.

Google Hospitals on Samui here


Photocopies and Passport

If you have not organised your photocopies prior there are two places you can do this

One is outside near the entrance of the Transport Office

The other is inside near the toilets.

It is cheap to do photocopies for your licence but they do not do colour.

What you’ll need:

  • Passport
  • Copy of your Passport Photo Page and Visa Stamp
  • Medical Certificate
  • Residence Certificate
  • Copy of your Current Licence
  • You current International driver’s Licence or Current Country Licence.


Prepare For The Test.

There is an online test available which covers most of the questions.

It at least gives you an example of what the questions will be like.

Be careful; we found that the “Give Way” answers are wrong. So be wary of that.

You can also ask the examiner during the test and they will give you the right answer.

So double check with her/him about the “Give Way’ question.


Physical Tests

There are three physical tests to be done before you can do your written test.

Red, Green Yellow Eye sight test.

Visual Distance Test

Reaction Time Test.

These are all simple and you get a few shots at it if you get something wrong.


Written Test

The written test is 50 multiple choice questions that you need to complete within 60 minutes

It should only take you 20 minutes if you have studied (See link above)

You go into a room with computers and your ID is entered for your results

You then do all the questions. A lot of them are repeated

If you get stuck you may ask the examiner

Once you get 45 out of 50 (or above) you are handed a slip for you to complete the riding test.

The riding test cannot be done on the same day. 

It makes no sense why, since you are there and it only takes 5 minutes (if that) to do.

Anyway. TiT (This is Thailand) and there is nothing else you can do about it.

You have 90 days to return to do your riding test.

Licence Pass Slip


Getting Your Thai Motorbike Licence

Now that you have done all the paper work and written test, it’s time for the driving test.
Bring your paper slip to the office inside before 2pm
You will then be told to wait out the back of the building.
You can ride your own bike for the test
To do the bike licence test on Koh Samui you must do these two driving tasks:
  1. Drive 20 metres on a yellow track (without falling off or touching your feet on the ground)
  2. Drive in and around the witches hats without touching any of them.


Complete Motorbike Driving Test

Now you have completed all of the tests, you are given a paper to go back inside the Transport Office.

You will then need to pay a fee of 150 baht for your licence.

They will ask you to wait in the chairs for your photo to be taken

You then sit in front of a camera and then wait 5 minutes for your licence.

Congratulations. You now have a Thai Motorbike Licence that lasts for 2 years.

After the 2 years you can renew your Thai bike licence for 5 years.

Now ride back home and go have a beer to celebrate, as you just completed your Motor Bike Licence Test on Koh Samui.

Licence Particulars