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How To Get to Koh Samui

Koh Samui Airport

If you have visited Koh Samui by air then you would have experienced the beautiful Koh Samui Airport.

This open aired airport and tropical surroundings makes this one of the most beautiful airports in the world.

The newer shopping airport area (Opened 2009) gives the airport a more modern feel but it still keeps with the tranquility theme of the airport.

Koh Samui Airport has a Domestic and International section, so you can fly in from most Asian airports.


Koh Samui Airport from Temple


Koh Samui Airport History

The Airport was opened in 1989 and was built and owned by Bangkok Airways.

This gives Bangkok Airways a stronghold on the airport and up until recent years has only started having other airlines (Domestic and international) to use the airport.

Since Bangkok airways owns Koh Samui airport, they charge a large fee for planes to land and take off; this causes the prices to increase.

As new airlines fly to Koh Samui the competition may bring the price down and will also increase the frequency of flights flying in from International destinations like Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.


Please check online for flights and dates.



On the Tarmac of Koh Samui Airport - Bangkok Air - Thailand


Koh Samui Airport Location

Koh Samui Airport is located on the North East Side of Koh Samui and is close to Bo Phut and Chewang.

It is just over 2km’s to Chewang and just over 5km’s to Bo Phut which is not a big expense to get to your Koh Samui Hotel.

If you have notified your Koh Samui resort of your arrival then they can organise for you to be picked up.

If not there is a service desk at the front of ‘Arrivals’ that can organise a way to get to your Koh Samui Accommodation.

Some taxis are also available but make sure you organise a price before you get in.

If there are no taxis at the Service Desk then you can walk over to the ‘Departures’ area and get a taxi that just dropped off other passengers.

You can also catch a “Group Mini Van”. The fee is minimal because the van has to make stops to drop other people off.

Sometimes you may be lucky and be the first to be dropped off.


Koh Samui Airport Tarmac


Koh Samui Airport Departures

When you are departing form Koh Samui Airport, this is when you see the beauty of it.

This tropical airport is so picturesque, it was voted one of the best tropical airports in the world.

The departure lounges are open aired and surrounded by tropical gardens.

When you are going to board your plane, you are transported by a Transit Tram. (See below video)

Even riding in one of these gives you a sense of the beauty of this tropical airport.


Departure Lounge at Koh Samui Airport - Koh Samui - Thailand





Koh Samui Airport Arrivals

When you arrive at Koh Samui Airport you do need really see the beauty of it.

After you pick up your bags you are then tunneled towards the taxi and mini van areas.

The best thing to do is stop and turn around and take a walk back towards departures.

Then you will see the shopping area of the airport and see the size and tropical ambience.









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