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Koh Chang



Information About Koh Chang

Situated in the Gulf of Thailand, South East of Bangkok, Koh Chang is around 300 km’s from the main part of Bangkok.

It will take you one hour to fly there or around 5 hours to get there by road.

By road you will need to take 3 forms of transport.

You will need to take a ferry from the mainland to the island and then by road from the ferry to your Hotel.

Most of the hotels are situated on the western side of the island because that is where the sandy beaches are located.

Information About Koh Chang


Koh Chang Meaning

Koh Chang (Koh meaning Island and Chang meaning Elephant) gets its name because the island itself looks like the head of an elephant.

It is not named Koh Chang because it has elephants on it. Elephants are not native to this island.

The island pretty much has the same weather as Bangkok.

It is rainy season between June and October while the hottest months are March to May.

Lonely Beach Koh chang


Koh Chang Tourism

Tourism is starting to take off on Koh Chang but it is still quieter than other parts of Thailand.

With its white sandy untouched beaches, it is sure to give Koh Samui a run for its money as a tropical Island destination.

A good way to see the Island is by motor bike.

Motorbikes are easy to hire but make sure that you have some experience when hiring a motorbike, as there a tricky hills and dangerous curves especially when it has be raining.


Bang Boa

In the village of Bang Bao you will find a great opportunity to learn how to scuba dive.

If you already know how to then there are plenty of places to go scuba diving around the Mu Ko Chang National Park.

It consists of 46 Islands, so there is always going to be an untouched inlet or cave that you will stumble upon.



If you want to experience a tropical paradise of “Thailand of the Old” then come and visit Koh Chang.

You will not regret it.



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