Holiday Activities For A Rainy Day

Koh Samui Thunderstorm

Rainy Days In Thailand

When you book a Thailand holiday for you and your family, you usually hope for sunny, warm weather. You picture yourself sunbathing on a tropical beach; your kids splashing around in the outdoor swimming pool, and sunset strolls down the promenade and not spending it in your hotel room on rainy days in Thailand.

Unfortunately, the weather is not always kind for the duration of the holiday break, which is why it’s important to plan fun activities should such things arise. So here’s a breakdown of fun holiday activities to keep you entertained on those rainy days in Thailand.


Splashy Walks

You don’t need sunshine to enjoy a good walk in Thailand. Just make sure your electronic equipment is waterproofed and then head outside for a revitalising and refreshing walk in the rain.

Your kids will love the opportunity to splash in the puddles and it’s a great way to get some fresh air and some relief from the hot Thailand weather.


Movie Marathon

Make sure you take a good selection of your family’s favourite film titles with you on holiday in preparation for those rainy days in Thailand. Whilst too much television is bad for youngsters, spending quality time together watching a children’s movie is a great way to while away the time until the rain stops.

Get your hands on some popcorn or other snacks to eat together too.


Games Afternoon

If your kids have a few board games that they love, you could pack them in the suitcase and whip them out as soon as the weather turns bad. Assign one child the role of leader and let them explain the rules to the other players and tell them to make sure that nobody cheats.

Board Games for Rainy Days


Reading Aloud

It doesn’t matter whether your kids are old or young, reading is a fun past-time to introduce to your children from an early age. You could take along some picture books for really young children and ask your kids to describe what’s happening in the picture.

Reading aloud is also a great way to keep youngsters entertained. You could put on silly voices for all of the dialogue parts. And if you have some older kids, they may enjoy reading aloud to the younger ones while you prepare the dinner.


Make Your Own Jewellery

If you have daughters, they will love to make friendship bracelets for their siblings and their best friends. It’s also a relatively cheap activity to get them involved in, as the only material you need is several pieces of coloured embroidery thread.



For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. You don’t necessarily need a book as you may be able to remember some creations from your own childhood. There are also loads of origami websites that you can access to find out how to make certain shapes. This will also allow you to pick projects that are suitable to your child’s level.



Spot The Difference

A fun game for young children, spot the difference will improve your kid’s concentration skills as well as keep them entertained and puzzled for a while. You can either draw your own, remembering of course to make subtle differences between each picture – this way you can tailor the difficulty level to suit your child’s age as well – or you could get your hands on some ready-made spot the difference puzzles.


1, 2, 3 snap!

Get your hands on a pack of cards and teach your kids how to play snap. They will love competing to see who can spot the same card and do the snap movement first. Just make sure you remember to tell them not to snap heavy handed or you may have to mop up a few tears.

If you don’t have a deck of cards handy then it’s really easy to make your own by cutting out pictures from old catalogues and magazines. The images on the cards don’t have to be identical as you can write a description at the bottom, e.g. dog, lady, man, and car. This will encourage reception aged children who are learning to read.




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