Girly Bar on Koh Samui

Girly Bar on Koh Samui

Girly Bar on Koh Samui

Girly Bar on Koh Samui Review from Ben Gunna


So we went down to the what we know as the “Red Dress Bar” which is a popular Girly Bar on Koh Samui.

We call it this because the first time we went there all the girls were wearing red dresses.

We did find out that the uniform for each day is the same but just a different coloured dress.

This bar has a stool style setup that runs parallel with the street and is great for people watching. 

It also has stools at the bar where they give you the laptop to play your own music.

It has a pool table that they charge you to play on “I love pool but refuse to pay for pool “8Ball” in Asia”.

This bar has a whore house upstairs and will charge you 1500thb for a “Sexy Massage” and you pay extra for sex.

The price for the “Horizontal Tango” is what you want to pay extra on top of the 1500thb.

I gave them an extra 500thb.


Nida Bar on Koh Samui


Be Wary in Go Go Bars

There were 2 different discrepancies with regards to 2 separate customers when we were there.

The two incidents were with handing over 2000thb and then them saying you only paid 1000thb.

And one person said he paid a beer with a 1000thb note but they said only 100thb.

They have cameras around the place but said they were off at the time.

On both incidences “Mama San” behind the bar spat her dummy and created a massive scene for about 5 minutes.

Just make sure you make it obvious in any bar in Samui, when you hand over a 1000thb note and not just this Girly Bar on Koh Samui


Beers and Snacks

No food is sold at this bar and San Miguel is 100thb. Thai Beers and Spirits are available too.

The girls will try get you to buy them drinks, I think this is because Mama San is a bitch and they need to Numb the old leather boot from their mind.

But “Girly Drinks’ are over priced and normally they only drink Orange Juice and you pay 250thb for that privilege.


Pool Tables at Nida Bar on Koh Samui


Long Story Short 

Too cut a long story short I went to the Girly Bar on Koh Samui, I was a star in the sack.

I profusely inserted the hanging implement I call Roger. 

The impertinent wanna be DJ had the music turned up to drown out the sound of my stardom from all the screaming and hollering. 

That was before I even put it in like a rat up a drain pipe and on its way to the stairway to heaven “So she thought”

PS – Don’t quote “Ghandi” in the bar and if you do make sure its your perception of the perceived inclinations.


Summering Up

I got on the piss, upset the apple cart, quoted Gandhi, Roger Ramjeted 2 girls and didn’t play pool.

I left in a very wobbly manner, went home via the massage parlours and flipped 2 more gorgeous ones.

My decrepit body then proceeded to 7/11 and bought 2 ham and cheese toasted sandwiches and a Kit Kat.

I woke up with a slimy Roger and a kink in my neck and $350 Aussie cash in the hole; which hole not sure… bahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Also, somewhere along the line I got “Pink Eye“. Most chance at the Girly Bar on Koh Samui

Great Trip Aye!!!


Nida Bar


Girly Bars on Koh Samui

There are a few Girly Bars on Koh Samui

  • Dream Girls
  • Henry Africas
  • Galaxy
  • Soi Reggae
  • Soi Green Mango Club
  • Hooters on Koh Samui


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