Checklist for Expats Moving Overseas

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The Expat Checklist for Moving Overseas

If you’re moving overseas to Thailand, it often feels a bit like going on holiday. A bit like going on holiday, that is, except with about a thousand times as many things to remember. And a fair bit more pressure. And with more at stake.

So, not all that much like a Thailand holiday then – but definitely not 100% dissimilar – moving overseas and going abroad and making sure everything’s prepared for you departure means that it does sometimes feel reminiscent of previous trips abroad, albeit for shorter term stays.


Planning to Move Overseas

One of the things that can help take the stress out of moving abroad is careful planning. By knowing where everything is and by knowing what actions to carry out and when, you can then start to feel satisfied with all your efforts rather than daunted by the tasks still to be carried out.

A very useful way to keep on top of things is to have an expat checklist before you move overseas. You can even divide it into different areas of actions necessary for your move overseas.

For instance you could have one checklist solely devoted to your belongings – what’s going, what’s being left behind, what’s being taken to landfill, what’s being put into storage, and so on.



Health Checks before Moving Overseas

In terms of health you checklist could include compiling the following crucial info and making sure you have it to hand either electronically if possible as well as paper copies:

  • Contact details for your general practitioner back home – email, phone, address and any other available contact info. This means that if you need to get in touch regarding a medical matter, you should be able to do so
  • The emergency details for your new country of residence. This would include things like the number to call in the event of an accident or emergency, and also your international medical insurance provider phone number plus any documentation
  • If you’re on any prescriptions or have an existing condition it’s important to consult your doctor prior to the move as regards continuing on the medication when you move as well as any things you may need to know about managing your existing condition abroad.
  • If you’re moving to another country the Foreign And Commonwealth Office recommends that you visit your GP a couple of months prior to setting off in order to find out about any required vaccinations or other preventative measures.

Undoubtedly when you are in the process of moving overseas there are so many things to remember it might sometimes feel like you’ve got little time to think about anything else.

But it’s a good idea to take a step back every now and then and remember that of course, you’re only human, and that the challenges you face are shared by others in the same position.

Surveys quite often indicate that expats can be more prone to stress than nationals working in their home country – and this is entirely understandable, given that there are added challenges when working abroad such as learning language skills and familiarising oneself with a new culture.

So it’s worth bearing in mind when moving abroad that there is support available either through an employer-provided employee assistance program or through expat counselling services.



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Jen Jones writes on international health insurance topics for expat, travel and well-being blogs and sites in the UK and further afield.



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