Bangkok Airport Transfers to Bangkok City

Bangkok Airport Transfers

There are many different ways you can do your Bangkok Airport Transfers.

What do you do once you have collected your luggage and head outside of the terminal to get to your Bangkok hotel? 

If you have booked a hotel that offers airport transfers then there will be a person holding a sign with your name on it.

You will then be then directed you to their car service.

If you have nothing booked then there are several easy and reasonably cheap ways to get to your hotel.

Suvarnabhumi International Airport is located some distance from the center of Bangkok town.

You have several options for getting into town:

Which ever one you choose, they will be cheaper than what you pay in your own country.


Bangkok Airport Transfers by Bangkok Taxi


Bangkok Airport Transfers by Airport Bus

There are four main  bus services to the main Bangkok tourist areas.

Even if you take a bus to the main area, then you can get a metered taxi to your hotel.

The four main routes are:
To Silom Road
Sukhumvit Road to Central World
Khao San
Hua Lampong rail station via Victory Monument
The fare for the Airport Bus is around 150 Baht


If you have a connecting flight to Don Muang Airport, then there is a free shuttle bus.

There is a counter out the front of the terminal. Just show your airline ticket.



Bangkok Airport Transfers by Airport Bus


Bangkok Airport Transfers by Taxi

If you are looking for a cheap and easy way to get around Bangkok or Thailand then a Metered taxis is the right way to go.

Even if you just use one to get to your Thailand Hotel, then you will experience a comfortable, cheap and direct way to travel. 

The public taxi queue counter is located outside on the lowest level of the airport terminal.

It is located one level below arrivals.

You pay a 50 Baht surcharge on the metered amount when taking a taxi from the airport.

You will also have to pay any tolls.

Sometimes a taxi driver will try to organise a price without putting on their meter.

It’s is up to you to negotiate but it will be only a few dollars difference between each service.



Bangkok Airport Transfers by Limousine

If you would like a taxi that gets you to your Thailand Hotel in style, then try the Airport Limousine.

These are located from their own counter just outside of customs.

There will be a lot of people trying to get your business and will seem pushy.

The limousine services are twice the price as a metered taxi but you will pay up front as a fixed rate.

The car will be a newer and a more luxurious car and the tolls are paid for by the driver.


Bangkok Airport Transfers by Bangkok Limousine



Bangkok Airport Transfers by Rail Link

Situated two levels below arrivals the airport link train service connects the airport to the City Terminal in the city.

You will need to see how close your hotel is to the train stations.

If the train station is too far away, you are up for another cost of catching a taxi

It may be cheaper just to catch a Bangkok Taxi direct to your hotel

If you are unfamiliar with Bangkok then it would probably best to catch a taxi from the airport.

You may pay a few extra dollars to have your start of your holiday a happy stress free one.

Please be aware that under no circumstances should you accept a ride from any unofficial taxi service.

Many people have been robbed by seemingly friendly people offering them a ride to “a good cheap hotel they know”.

Bangkok taxis have a red and white Taxi Meter sign on their car roof.

The Airport Taxis have green license plates and the limousine companies will have a counter where you can purchase a prepaid ticket.


Pre Paid Bangkok Airport Transfers

You can also organise a Bangkok Airport transfer before you even land.

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GRAB or Bolt App

GRAB app is part owned by UBEr but you still need the GRAb app as UBEr does not work in Thailand.

Use the GRAB App in Thailand.

Bolt works well around Phuket.

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Happy Travelling!!!